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THE AMBROS is the new centerpiece of the Jaufentalerhof. It has a lot to offer:

High-quality, natural rooms and suites with the best comfort
views of the fascinating mountain world and the idyllic valley
a promising design, refined with natural raw materials
Why the name AMBROS?

Ambros was the great-grandfather of Dunja's dad - Max. Born in the Sennerhof, next to the hotel, Max's home. With a lot of hard work and passion, he and his wife Trudi bought the former schoolhouse and converted it into the residence. What Ambros and Max have created, we want to keep in good memory and develop further.
Not only his name is immortalized in the new house, but also his special features: tall, strong, dark.


The facade of the AMBROS is made of solid larch logs and recycled concrete was used for the construction. Thanks to the impressive architecture, DAS AMBROS appears to be anchored in nature. Light and almost floating, the new Klimahaus radiates over the flowing valley. The floor-to-ceiling glass façades make the view almost addictive. Just as you can observe nature outside, you can experience it inside. Larch wood from Val Senales, marble stone from Lasa in Val Venosta and much more are used in the floors and furnishings.


And this is what our architects from "DEAR-studio" say:

"At the AMBROS, zeitgeist and tradition come together to create a unique spatial experience. What's special about it? The shape resembles the traditional South Tyrolean hay barn, while the façade and pitched roof are made of logs hung in front. The local materials used create a great, modern living experience with alpine charm."


The Ambros:
A place of growth and harmony with a little quiet luxury!