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Hiking in Racines/Ratschings? Unforgettable!

Is hiking your passion? Racines/Ratschings will impress you across the board! The untouched natural landscapes of the Valgiovo/Jaufental valley not only offer a lot of peace and seclusion but also plenty of space for hiking in Racines/Ratschings and the surrounding area. It’s hardly surprising then that everything at Hotel Jaufentalerhof revolves around hiking during the warm months of the year. From leisurely family hikes in the valley to guided alpine hikes and high alpine tours, there’s something for everyone. You are certain to find your personal happiness on the well-maintained and well marked paths, which lead directly to the front door of our hotel in Racines/Ratschings in the Valgiovo/Jaufental valley. The best thing? You benefit several times when hiking in Racines/Ratschings: Our hiking hotel in Racines/Ratschings is a member of the Wanderhotels hotel cooperation, the best accommodation for hiking fans in the Alps. And thanks to the activeCard, which you receive as a guest at our hiking hotel at Racines/Ratschings free of charge, you can enjoy free travel on buses 

On the mountains there is freedom.

Friedrich Schiller

The most stunning hikes

There are easy, moderately difficult and challenging routes for hiking around our hotel in Racines/Ratschings. Families can look forward to leisurely circular hikes and simple alpine hikes to mountain pastures. If you like things a bit more challenging, you should definitely visit the highest refuge in South Tyrol: the Becherhaus. To get you into the holiday mood before your arrival, we, your hosts at the hiking hotel in Racines/Ratschings in the Valgiovo/Jaufental valley, have summarised our favourite hikes for you.

Valgiovo/Jaufental valley panorama trail

Start: Hotel Jaufentalerhof
Destination: Casateia/Gasteig in the Val di Mezzo/Mittertal valley
Duration: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: easy circular hike, also suitable for families
The panorama trail’s starting point is our Hotel Jaufentalerhof! The tour leads on the path marked 17B along the old Jaufentalerweg past the Platzerhof and Gringgerhof. Take path no. 19 towards Val di Mezzo/Mittertal valley and then the track (marked 18) down to the village. Now take the bus back to the hotel or follow the Jaufentalstraße for a short time, then turn left and follow path no. 19 back to the starting point.


Start: Val di Mezzo/Mittertal (1,150 m)
Duration: 2 hours
Difference in altitude: 609 m
Difficulty: more challenging one day tour
You start in Val di Mezzo/Mittertal, follow path no. 13 towards the Sennerbergtal and continue along the trail to Bärnfiechtalm.


Starting point: Val di Sopra/Obertal (1,298 m) or Hotel Jaufentalerhof
Duration: 1–1.5 hours
Difference in altitude: 312 m
Difficulty: easy hike, also suitable for families
Turn left to the hamlet of Ontratt/Antrat and follow the alpine road or the old footpath into the valley. Behind a steep step with a beautiful waterfall (reachable with a short detour) you suddenly come to the elongated alpine pasture and reach the Bergalm always on path no. 12A.

Racines/Ratschings pasture trail

Start: Kalcheralm car park or Racines/Ratschings cable car top station
Destination: Vallettina/Flading in Racines di Dentro/Innerratschings
Duration: 4.5 hours
Difficulty: easy circular hike
The adventure hike starts at the Jaufenstraße and leads below the Giovo/Jaufen ridge through a wonderful landscape past seven rustic alpine pastures. You walk slightly uphill and downhill on the path marked 19B along the Kalcheralm, Rinneralm and Wasserfalleralm to the Wumblsalm. From here you take path no. 15 to the inner Wumblsalm and via the Almenweg to the Klammalm amidst green meadows. Now turn sharp right and follow path no. 12 down into the Racines di Dentro/Innerratschings valley until you reach Vallettina/Flading. The gondola ride is included for you thanks to the activeCard.

Mareiter Stein

Start: Pardaun
Destination: Mareiter Stein in Pardaun
Duration: approx. 5 hours
Difficulty: challenging tour to the summit
You park your car in Pardaun and head towards Platzhof (Attention: no parking available at Platzhof farm!). Before the farm turn left and follow path no. 25A. After the first wide stretch, the path leads into a narrow, relatively steep path at the beginning of the mountain forest. From the forest border you follow the wide meadow ridge of the mountain with a wonderful panoramic view up to the large summit plateau with summit cross. Immediately below the summit, path no. 14 branches off to the left, which leads down steep hairpin bends to the Racines/Ratschings valley and ends a short distance after the lift station car parks. You will find your way back to Pardaun on the Racines/Ratschings valley path.

Monte Giovo/Jaufenspitze

Start: Passo di Monte Giovo/Jaufenpass (2,099 m):
Destination: Monte Giovo/Jaufenspitze
Duration: 2 and a half hours
Difference in altitude: 360 m
Difficulty: moderately difficult tour, sure footedness required
Park your car on the Passo di Monte Giovo/Jaufenpass and follow the path marked 17 south-easterly to the less steep western slopes. Alternatively, follow the Monte Giovo/Jaufenspitze signpost in a southerly direction to the rocky summit. Wire ropes are present in several somewhat tricky rocky places.